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Press Cuttings

Lorraine Harrison says in Beautiful Britain magazine:

“It is impossible to categorise the career of the renowned textile artist Lucy Goffin. The scope and range of her work defies easy classification but whatever she produces is always characterized by scrupulous attention to detail, joyful use of colour and a seemingly insatiable appetite for experimentation.”

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Amicia De Moubray says in Country Life magazine:

“It is exciting to see this celebrated garden (Great Dixter home of the late Christopher Lloyd) through the eyes of Miss Goffin. She brings to the challenge her eye for textures and colours which has developed over the years in her work as a textile designer.”

The Argus - 24th Sept 2007:

“Braving sandstorms, snake tracks and wild dogs in an Indian desert are the kind of exploits you'd associate with a tough survival expert such as Ray Mears, not a textile designer from Lewes.”

“But when Lucy Goffin, 60, decided to trace the history of indigo, it took her a lot further than she'd imagined.”

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