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Aqualeaf Indigo

Lucy Goffin with Dr Jenny Balfour-Paul

A wonderful way of conjuring colour from nature. Dr Jenny Balfour-Paul (author of two books on indigo) and Lucy Goffin each year grow the indigo dye plants from seed and in the summer dye sessions, dye silk or silk mix, hand-loomed scarves and shawls bought from the famous weavers of West Bengal and Bangladesh.

In addition, a traditional indigo vat is made, requiring natural fermentation, which broadens the scope for dyeing different fabrics and creating a greater variety of shades in this ancient and magical blue called indigo.

Dr Jenny Balfour-Paul is currently indigo consultant for YoYo Ma on The Silk Road Project 2009.

Indigo silk shawls and scarves Indigo waistcoat detail Indigo shades bedspread detail